Powder Coating

When we powder coat parts, the simple way to explain it is that parts are hung to a grounded (negative charge) hook.They are then “sprayed” with colored dry powder, through electro-static applicator guns. When the powder is passed through the guns, the powder is charged (positive charge). The positive and negative charges attract each other. The powder sticks to the part just like the dust on a TV screen. The sprayed part is then cured in an oven for approx. 20 minutes @ 400 degrees. Once the part cools, it is finished. You now have a finish, approx. 3 mils thick, that is about 10 times harder than wet paint.

Obviously, before the parts are sprayed, we need to pre-treat (clean) or sandblast them. If it’s a part that will fit through our 5-stage wash system, once they are racked, they start out with a heated liquid degreaser. They are then rinsed and run thru our iron phosphate application. Then on to 2 more rinses. The part runs thru a pre-heat to remove any remaining standing water on the way to the powder booth. Spray, cure, cool, inspect and they are ready to go.

Powder coat advantages:

1. Ultra hard finish – up to 10 times harder than wet paint
2. Hundreds of colors, textures and glosses available.
3. No paint “runs” like wet paint
4. Environmentally clean to apply – no paint fumes into the atmosphere or applicator’s lungs

powder coating color